Truth Be Told: Uncovering Newburgh’s Muted Legacy

Newburgh Community Photo Project is currently engaged in a three-year-long photo project which seeks to interpret and investigate Black history in the City of Newburgh. Our initial focus of this project is the journey from enslavement to freedom and the forging of Black identity through personal, historical, and community narratives. NCPP’s photographers have been working collaboratively with local historians, cultural institutions, activist groups, and community leaders to identify those who have been separated from their past and are interested in retelling their own history.

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Over the course of three years, the NCPP collective will continue to research, investigate, and photograph Black history in the City of Newburgh. “Truth Be Told: Uncovering Newburgh’s Muted Legacy” will combine portraits, landscapes, interiors, still lives, historical/vernacular photographs, and personal mementoes in an attempt to reconsider the narrative of Newburgh’s history.

NCPP is funded in part by the Leonian Foundation, The Aftermath Project, the Goldschmidt Foundation, and Mary Cianni.
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